Steve Small, owner of 4Thought Products LLC, is a native San Franciscan and Bay Area mechanical engineer with over 33 years in product development. His creative designs have been utilized in a wide range of industries including medical device, consumer goods, computer hardware among others. Some of his patents held are inventions related to door locks & hardware, pool & spa equipment and controls, water savings devices, kitchen electrics, food preservation systems, as well as puzzle and novelty game products. The business, located in Novato,California, began in 2011. It was launched as a means to commercialize and bring to market his inventions, which are currently being sold in the US as well as internationally. Rather than focus on a single category or sector, the company looks at a wide variety of opportunities in many areas including heath/medical devices, consumer goods, entertainment puzzles and games, among others. In addition to 4Thought Products, he also provides contract product design and consulting services for other companies in Northern California through Accelerated Product Design and Engineering. Steve enjoys spending free time with family, traveling, playing music, and enjoying the great outdoors.